The ‘Mike Tyson Academy’ will open branches in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and South America. Mike Tyson announced the launch of his new franchise at a press conference. Plans for boxing and fitness centres are currently underway in Bahrain, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, India and Switzerland, among others. Academy headquarters will be located in Las Vegas

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EA Sports Gaming

Mike has teamed with EA SportsTM to create a game bundle titled EA Sports UFC 2, featuring two Mike Tyson boxing games, “Iron” and “Legacy”. An earlier game, “Punch Out!!” was released for Nintendo. Mike played the game with Jimmy Fallon in a guest appearance in 2014.

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Iron Flight Motorcycle

Mike Tyson – once said that a winning attitude announces your presence before you even arrive. Winners succeed because their determination says “never surrender”. “Can’t” doesn’t exist for you. You attack life like everything in this world is within reach. And you ride a custom motorcycle because you don’t fit in anybody’s box. Now, you can announce your presence astride one of the most awe-inspiring motorcycles on the market today – the Iron Flight: Mike Tyson Special Edition®.

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